Bamboo Skewer & Stick

Bamboo Packing Sticks Available in Different Sizes Top Quality Customized Natural Bamboo Stick

Bamboo Packing Sticks Available in Different Sizes Top Quality Customized Natural Bamboo Stick

Bamboo cigar smoking sticks are perfect for those of us who love to smoke blunts but aren’t the best at rolling one; no splitting, no licking, no hassle.

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Bamboo Packing Sticks Available in Different Sizes Top Quality Customized  Natural Bamboo Stick


Available in different sizes depending on how much you’re packing, hongbamboo’s bamboo stick makes for the perfect rolling accessory. Using either end, you insert the all-natural bamboo stick into your roll to pack your bud evenly and effortlessly. With this cigar skewer packing stick, there’s no more scrambling to find a pen or pencil to stuff your bud. Instead, you always have a handy-dandy stick to pack your roll as perfectly as possible.


Item No. HZ-BS-003
Craftwork Sharp or Dull Point, Chamfered or Normal
Color Natural Color
Type Double Point, Single Point, Flat End, Ect
Grade Grade AAA
Usage Rolling Cigar, Artwork,Handicraft, Ect
Material Mao Bamboo


All Natural Materials ——In keeping with cigar smoking sticks’s all-natural aesthetic, we choose to utilize real bamboo for our bamboo packing sticks. These smooth, wood-like sticks bring you back to a more natural time, with custom logo bamboo skewer, you’ll never feel guilty about what you’re smoking from or using to smoke.

Innovative Design ——our bamboo sticks are made with an innovative design that makes packing easier than ever before. With one end flat and the other end pointed, you’re given two great options for packing your rolls. These sticks are able to stuff your weed delicately and evenly, creating a smooth, even-burning roll.

Perfect for Packing any Roll ——You can purchase these Natural Bamboo Sticks in various sizes depending on the thickness of your roll. Whether you’re packing a Mini, Slim, King, XL, or XXL, we have the perfect bamboo packing stick for you.

Warm notice:
Pointed items, please must pay attention to use, and keep away from children.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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