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Main Joint Efforts To Promote The Development Of The Bamboo Industry

  • February 02, 2021

According to the Minbei Daily, the industry is the "bull nose" of development. The work report of the provincial government proposes to implement industrial chain upgrading projects to enhance the resilience and competitiveness of key industrial chains. In the group discussion of the two sessions of the province, the members of the provincial CPPCC in our city conducted in-depth discussions on the outstanding issues of the bamboo industry in Nanping, such as "big but not strong", and put forward opinions and suggestions on the cultivation and growth of advantageous industries.

"Nanping has obvious resource advantages. To realize the transformation of resource advantages into industrial advantages and economic advantages, it is necessary to take the road of transformation and innovation." Yang Sheng, member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, chairman of the Nanping Municipal Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, and deputy dean of Wuyi College, said that the bamboo industry is One of the important green industries in Nanping City should start with the improvement of bamboo materials, the utilization of whole bamboo, and the enhancement of the added value of bamboo products, and comprehensively improve the development quality of the bamboo industry, thereby promoting the transformation and development of the bamboo industry.

FUJIAN HONG BAMBOO TRADING CO.,LTD is also making continuous efforts and growing in the promotion of the development of the bamboo industry. Open a new plant in Nanping, introduce new equipment, train technical talents, and manufacture new products. Our company has a strong sense of promotion. We will open a new platform in addition to the promotion platform that has been in existence for more than ten years to target our own strength and products to more audiences. ; Our company follows the trend of the society and tries to "stall economy", and the products are sold out under the professional explanation of the sales staff after the products are displayed. We also organize live online activities in the live broadcast boom to open the way for newcomers to live broadcast. It is precisely because our company has never stopped working hard on self-innovation and improvement, and has now become an A-level bamboo product manufacturer.

In addition, Lin Xudong, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Forestry Bureau, also put forward three requirements for the integrated development of the bamboo industry’s primary, secondary and tertiary industries; Lin Xudong pointed out that the key to promoting the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of the bamboo industry is to optimize the primary production, strengthen the secondary production, and On the basis of expanding the tertiary industry, we will make articles about the selection of "integration mode", the construction of "integration platform", and the creation of "integration support".

First, we must determine the integration model according to local conditions. All localities should vigorously promote the functional integration of characteristic bamboo industry in rural beautification, industrial greening, tourism and health care, cultural education, etc., according to their own reality, promote the connection of upstream and downstream industries, and the front and rear links of the bamboo industry, and accelerate the formation of various characteristics and types. The integrated development model of the bamboo industry.

Second, we must build an integrated platform based on operations. It is necessary to support the construction and upgrade of a batch of bamboo shoot engineering technology centers and academician expert workstations, accelerate the construction of a batch of bamboo industry professional parks, create a batch of influential bamboo shoots and bamboo trading markets in the country, and create a batch of distinctive bamboo shoots and bamboo industry electrical appliances. We will continue to organize exhibitions such as the Cross-Strait Forestry Expo and the International Bamboo Fair, and strive to build a bamboo industry innovation platform, park platform, and market platform.

Third, we must focus on strength and strengthen integration support. To achieve a powerful and effective integration of one, two and three in the bamboo industry, efforts must be made to build a brand, expand the leader of the enterprise, and build a strong integration support point.

Our company actively responds to this request and is actively preparing for the "March New Trade Festival". March is the beginning of the year and the beginning of trade activities. Under the four-party creation and guidance of "new products, new trends, new services, and new markets", it will start a year of prosperity for buyers and sellers of global cross-border trade. , We will also showcase our new products at this event. Our company also adheres to the corporate culture of "creating value, sharing happiness, and growing together" to realize our desire to provide the world with quality and environmentally friendly bamboo daily necessities bamboo skewers,home storage, bamboo kitchenwareand crafts.

Our company takes "reasonable price, efficient production time and good after-sales service" as its purpose. Hope to cooperate with more customers for common development and mutual benefit. Welcome to contact us if you have the same pursuit as us.

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