Bamboo Skewer & Stick

100% Natural Bamboo Coffee Stick

100% Natural Bamboo Coffee Stick

It's a perfect tool for stirring grounds while breweing coffee, can be used for coffee mixing, and also can be used for all kinds of drinks.

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100% Natural Bamboo Coffee Stick


This Reusable Bamboo Stirrers provides coffee brewers with an easy way to agitate the coffee grounds during various brewing methods and ensure even saturation and extraction.

An ideal accessory for any coffee maker. You can stir vigorously without any risk of tainting the flavour or making scratches. You can use this Stirrer over and over again to whisk up the perfect cup of coffee.

With all-natural visual appeal, sturdiness, and renewability, these bamboo stir sticks offer endless advantages. From stirring up lattes and signature teas to adding enhancements to a plain cup of joe, these eco-friendly 4" bamboo stirrers are the perfect, high-quality option for your coffee shop, convenience store, concession stand, or waiting room.

 An all-natural option for your coffee service, these stirrers are produced from 100% pesticide- and chemical-free bamboo. In addition, bamboo is a renewable and eco-friendly substitute to other disposable materials, so you can be sure you're always displaying a green initiative to your customers.


Item No. HZ-CB001
Color Natural Color
10000 pcs
Grade Grade AAA
Usage For Coffee, Drinks Mixing
Material Mao Bamboo


Eco-friendly natural bamboo raw material: The skewers are made of organic bamboo which is pure natural and safe for food. No need to soak. Simply rinse the bamboo stick part under tap if you wish to. Disposable and harmless to the environment.

Exquisite workmanship with quality guarantee: These bamboo picks are 100% carefully selected by workers to make sure they are clean,no splits and in perfect condition.

No Splinters: These stirrers feature a silky-smooth design so your customers can enjoy the natural appearance and feeling, without the worry of getting splinters.

Extra Durable: These bamboo stirrers are also stronger and more durable than comparable wooden stirrers, so there's less risk of breakage.

Warm notice:
Please must pay attention to use, and keep away from children.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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