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  • Lotus leaf bamboo bowl - design close to nature
    • April 12. 2021

    What shape and material are the kitchen utensils in your home? Have you ever used a lotus shaped bamboo bowl? I'll show you this new product if I feel fresh. First of all, we will explain to you that our products are made of 100% natural high-quality bamboo, which is a natural renewable resource. Bamboo itself has antibacterial and antibacterial effect, and we do not have paint and glue, which is ...

  • So cute! Heavy-Baby Plate Set!
    • March 26. 2021

    I thought that the children bamboo bowl last time was cute enough, but I didn’t expect Hong Bamboodesigners to launch this super cute bamboo baby tray again. The cute panda pattern, the cute expression, and the spoon set are also included. We at Hong Bamboo consider safety and practicability, and at the same time increase your baby's enthusiasm for food. The super cute baby bamboo b...

  • Children's bamboo bowl-the trend of the baby
    • March 24. 2021

    FUJIAN HONG BAMBOO TRADING CO.,LTD.has always been committed to bringing new, convenient and practical products and services that meet everyone's needs for everyone, not only for adults, but also specifically designed for children's intimate products. Launched this baby bowl that attracts baby's attention and is suitable for baby's appetite and handheld. We designed this&n...

  • A healthier lifestyle let HONG BAMBOO tell you
    • March 22. 2021

    The popularity of light food is has made people more and more admired. Salads are the lead. In the view of vegetable salad lovers, nutrition will be lost when vegetables are heated. It is not as nutritious as eating it raw to maintain its vitamin C content to the greatest extent. Those who are more interested in taste will pay more attention to the container, just like this bamboo salad bowl&...

  • Bamboo Salad Ramen Bowl Spoon Set
    • March 03. 2021

    This is a healthy, environmentally friendly, natural, easy-to-clean bamboo salad bowl spoon set that is very suitable for your children and your family. It is made of durable bamboo. Moso bamboo is a durable and renewable material that can grow quickly. , No pesticides, no felling, no artificial irrigation or replanting. It provides strong, dense and long-lasting materials for kitchen and househol...

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