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  • A little helper for convenient life
    • February 01. 2021

    Contemporary people pursuing quality of life, live every ordinary life with a sense of texture, give life a sense of ritual, and make life a life, not just survival. FUJIAN HONG BAMBOO TRADING CO.,LTD. is committed to make it true.  At the time of advocating environmental protection, it can also manufacture ergonomic foldable book stand that can be adjusted at different angles and heights to ...

  • Kitchen helper-round bamboo kitchen utensil rack
    • February 24. 2021

    This bamboo kitchen utensil holder is made of natural environmentally friendly bamboo. It is popular all over the world for its versatility, aesthetics and sustainability. This round bamboo utensil holder with metal edges can be safely used on all cooking surfaces and gently used on pots and pans. The suit uses a low-key design and has a neutral natural finish. In line with the aesthetic vision of...

  • Magnetic Knife Rack -Bamboo Knife Holder
    • March 02. 2021

    Magnetic Knife Rack -Bamboo Knife Holder The space-saving knife holder is made of nature bamboo with strong, permanent and hidden magnets. Our knife holder can display knives safely and stylishly. You can simply place the flat side of the knife on or on a wooden block to connect. When ready to use, please hold the handle and gently shake or twist to release it. Since there is no slot of predetermi...

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