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  • How to Clean Bamboo Chopsticks?
    • November 20. 2020

    Bamboo chopsticks are carefully crafted using a highly renewable material. Making the chopsticks an eco-friendly alternative to metal, or wood. Considering that bamboos grow quickly and naturally expand their reach; they are easy to source and biodegradable by nature. While offering you a pair of chopsticks that are easy to hold, and comfortable to work with. Additionally, they are easy to carry a...

  • Production process of bamboo stick products
    • January 18. 2021

    First of all, we will choose moso bamboo raw materials with strong toughness, straight texture, hard and smooth, and good color. 1: After transporting it to the factory, use an automatic cutting machine to cut it off to ensure that the length of each stick is the same; 2: After breaking the fragments and then drawing the wire, send it to the drying equipment for drying; 3: filament Cutting after d...

  • The Benefits of bamboo toothbrush
    • January 25. 2021

    Toothbrushes on the market are most made of PP+opaque soft rubber TPE. Soft rubber usually uses TPR (transparent soft rubber) and TPE (impermeable), electric Toothbrushes are generally made of ABS plastic. Another made of the transparent handle, that is divided into domestic PS (brittle) and imported PS/PETG. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the emphasis on or...

  • What are the bamboo skewer styles?
    • January 27. 2021

    First of all, you should know that bamboo skewer and sticks are made of high-quality bamboo materials, using factory precision equipment to make long and thin bamboo skewers or bamboo pieces with a full or blunt tip at one end. The style of bamboo sticks varies according to the needs of the use. For example, bamboo sticks have knots and no knots, natural color and carbonization, full tip and blunt...

  • Kitchen helper-round bamboo kitchen utensil rack
    • February 24. 2021

    This bamboo kitchen utensil holder is made of natural environmentally friendly bamboo. It is popular all over the world for its versatility, aesthetics and sustainability. This round bamboo utensil holder with metal edges can be safely used on all cooking surfaces and gently used on pots and pans. The suit uses a low-key design and has a neutral natural finish. In line with the aesthetic vision of...

  • Gift box set fancy bamboo chopsticks
    • March 08. 2021

    Chopsticks, called "Chopsticks" in ancient history, more than 5,000 years of history in China. From small wooden sticks to later bamboo chopsticks and ivory chopsticks, it later became a unique tableware recognized in the world. With the influence of Chinese culture and environmental awareness,"bamboo chopsticks" are the most widely used chopsticks in the domestic and foreign markets, because bamb...

  • Simplicity is not simple—recycle bamboo discs
    • March 15. 2021

    With the development of the times, modern people pursue a stylish and simple life and pursue the ultimate, while HONG BAMBOO has made modern pursuits that can be seen everywhere in your life. Create durable, high-quality household items for you. HONG BAMBOO has designed modern, stylish and elegant natural selection 100% bamboo trays. They are selected from the highest quality bamboo. Because bambo...

  • A must for making incense
    • April 14. 2021

    In today's society, traditional incense is more and more popular. It is not only used in temples, tea houses, hotels, office buildings and other public places, but also suitable for family use. When reading, meeting guests, writing and painting, you can light a column of fragrance, which can nourish your heart and mind, refresh your spirit and relax your body and mind. In addition to the fragrance...

  • Bamboo toothbrush -- the pioneer of oral hygiene
    • April 26. 2021

    Now the market for bamboo toothbrush has been the heat, we Hong Bamboo also have a lot of popular popular design, next I will introduce one of them to you. The designer of our spray painted round stick toothbrush combines a round handle with charcoal bristles to make it an ideal choice for the whole family. Each organic bamboo toothbrush has a different soft color, which helps to add a p...

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