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  • Store good things to share
    • February 05. 2021

    "Organization is a kind of thinking, and storage is a way of presentation." Whenever you look at a clean and tidy home, a sense of accomplishment and happiness will come to life. It is obviously that the storage is so important. How to store it? If I don’t know how to organize the space, the home will become more and more crowded and chaotic. How to break the cycle of more and more crowded living ...

  • Magnetic Knife Rack -Bamboo Knife Holder
    • March 02. 2021

    Magnetic Knife Rack -Bamboo Knife Holder The space-saving knife holder is made of nature bamboo with strong, permanent and hidden magnets. Our knife holder can display knives safely and stylishly. You can simply place the flat side of the knife on or on a wooden block to connect. When ready to use, please hold the handle and gently shake or twist to release it. Since there is no slot of predetermi...

  • Learn to enjoy life
    • March 29. 2021

    Are you be hurried because of the messy office desk? Are you annoyed by the unclear housekeeping? Follow Hong Bamboo to let you say goodbye to these! We will Introduce this two-layer bamboo desk storage box for you! As you all know, the product designed by company is close to your daily life. The materials are made of 100% natural high-quality bamboo, without all kinds of harmful substances to the...

  • More difficult than storage is beautiful storage
    • April 09. 2021

    China is good at using bamboo, such as bamboo chopsticks, bamboo sticks, bamboo bowls, bamboo spoons, etc., while Hong bamboo people are better at making high-quality moso bamboo into fashionable, simple and convenient bamboo household goods and crafts. Today, I will introduce you a product with many functions and beautiful appearance, a natural bamboo storage box. Using natural high-quality moso ...

  • Dual purpose storage box
    • April 19. 2021

    Last time we introduced the bamboo storage tank, today we will talk about a "big guy". What kind of storage box do you have in your home besides the closed storage space like cabinets and drawers? If you have, what kind of material is it? Have you ever tried a bamboo storage box? If not, I suggest you take a look at our next bamboo box. Our product is made of 100% high-quality natural bamboo. Beca...

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