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  • How to Clean Bamboo Chopsticks?
    • November 20. 2020

    Bamboo chopsticks are carefully crafted using a highly renewable material. Making the chopsticks an eco-friendly alternative to metal, or wood. Considering that bamboos grow quickly and naturally expand their reach; they are easy to source and biodegradable by nature. While offering you a pair of chopsticks that are easy to hold, and comfortable to work with. Additionally, they are easy to carry a...

  • What are the bamboo skewer styles?
    • January 27. 2021

    First of all, you should know that bamboo skewer and sticks are made of high-quality bamboo materials, using factory precision equipment to make long and thin bamboo skewers or bamboo pieces with a full or blunt tip at one end. The style of bamboo sticks varies according to the needs of the use. For example, bamboo sticks have knots and no knots, natural color and carbonization, full tip and blunt...

  • Gift box set fancy bamboo chopsticks
    • March 08. 2021

    Chopsticks, called "Chopsticks" in ancient history, more than 5,000 years of history in China. From small wooden sticks to later bamboo chopsticks and ivory chopsticks, it later became a unique tableware recognized in the world. With the influence of Chinese culture and environmental awareness,"bamboo chopsticks" are the most widely used chopsticks in the domestic and foreign markets, because bamb...

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