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  • The Benefits of bamboo toothbrush
    • January 25. 2021

    Toothbrushes on the market are most made of PP+opaque soft rubber TPE. Soft rubber usually uses TPR (transparent soft rubber) and TPE (impermeable), electric Toothbrushes are generally made of ABS plastic. Another made of the transparent handle, that is divided into domestic PS (brittle) and imported PS/PETG. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the emphasis on or...

  • Eco-friendly Chopping Board -The Best Choice For Cooking Lovers
    • February 03. 2021

    The bamboo cutting board is made of high-quality natural and environmentally friendly bamboo. Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource that not only preserves the hardwood forest, but also provides a hard and dense cutting surface. After high temperature and high pressure treatment, it has the advantages of no cracking, no deformation, abrasion resistance, hardness and toughness. The most impor...

  • Designed for love-eco-friendly bamboo coaster
    • March 19. 2021

    An environmentally friendly bamboo coaster with a freely definable style will make your house look elegant and fashionable. As a result,FUJIAN HONG BAMBOO TRADING CO.,LTD.launched a product that contains 6 coasters and a practical small holder for storing coasters. The coaster size is 12 x 12 cm, which makes them an ideal size for all kinds of water cups, coffee cups or bottles...

  • Multifunctional disposable environmental toothpick
    • April 23. 2021

    We all know the importance of oral hygiene, but it's also a problem in front of food. Our teeth are not so neat, so it's inevitable that we will get food stuck between our teeth when eating. It's not only unsanitary and embarrassing to see, so we are used to picking teeth or gargling after eating. When encountering a particularly stubborn foreign body, we need the help of tools. We have prepared t...

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